Ride with the OBHAI way.

OBHAI Terms & Conditions

For Passengers


OBHAI application

  • Passenger may start to use the App in accordance with these Terms, after downloading the App, filling out the required areas for the registration, approving the mobile phone number and login with his/her password.

  • Passenger agrees that all information provided by him/her during the application is true, accurate and up-to-date in all respects and at all times.

  • The use of App is free of charge.

Conditions for using OBHAI application

  • The given information (estimated time of arrival, the distance from the vehicle to the passenger etc.) are estimates and may not be one hundred percent accurate, however OBHAI tries its best to give the most accurate information and shall not be held liable for any inaccuracy.

  • If passenger wants to cancel his/her request, at this stage passenger shall immediately call the driver. Otherwise, passenger agrees to wait for the assigned OBHAI ride.

  • In a case passenger does not wait for the assigned OBHAI ride or does not take the OBHAI ride without a valid reason, OBHAI authority has the right to give penalty or take necessary initiative against that passenger.

  • Fare showed before the starting of the ride is an estimated fare. The actual fare would show only after the ride finishes.

  • OBHAI reserves the right to suspend or terminate passenger’s access to app in case Passenger breaches the terms.

  • Passenger agrees to use the app lawfully and properly and that he/she will be legally liable for any unlawful action using the App.

  • Passenger agrees that he/she is responsible with regard to safety, storage, protection of system access tools (username, password etc).

Other Conditions

  • Passenger is liable to pay the full cost of the fare

  • Passenger is also liable to pay any additional charges such as bridge toll, road toll and bus terminal toll. Passenger cannot be charged for any unauthorized payment done by driver (e.g bribing traffic police).

  • The passenger has no obligation or liability to make any other payment to the driver.

  • Passenger agrees not to cause any damage to the OBHAI fleet.

  • Passenger may inform OBHAI through complaints section in regard to the complaints about the assigned drivers, however OBHAI cannot be held liable in any manner for the drivers’ behaviors. The App is only a technological platform that brings drivers and Passengers together. OBHAI gives necessary warnings to drivers and terminate the drivers who repeatedly misbehave.

  • Passenger agrees not to misuse the services offered by OBHAI.

  • In case a passenger cannot be benefited from the services due to technical or natural difficulties, OBHAI cannot be liable for it and no claim shall be raised against OBHAI.

  • OBHAI cannot be liable directly or indirectly for any unlawful transaction by passenger.

  • Passengers are prohibited from uploading any disturbing or abusive profile picture.

  • Under any circumstance no OBHAI personnel are bound to disclose any passenger information, things can only be considered if any legal or critical issue turns up.

  • There is no additional charge for OBHAI helpline. However, passenger should be aware that they may be charged by their mobile telephone network provider for any message, email, phone or other communication.

  • Passengers also receive promotional/ marketing messages from OBHAI via any of the forms of communication, which they agree to receive. If anyone wants to stop receiving such promotional/ marketing messages, then they should contact with OBHAI.

OBHAI T&C for Driver

  • Driver must have a valid driving license.

  • Driver must have the legal right and authority to operate the vehicle which he/she intends to use when accepting customer’s request.

  • Drivers are bound to take passengers to any location within the selected region.

  • During registration period information provided by driver must have to be true, accurate and up-to-date.

  • After accepting passengers request driver should not reject any ride request without any valid reason.

  • Drivers are prohibited from uploading any disturbing or abusive profile picture.

  • Under any circumstance no OBHAI personnel are bound to disclose any Drivers information, things can only be considered if any legal or critical issue turns up.

  • Driver merely responsible for any and all claims, verdicts and liabilities resulting from any accident, loss or damage.

  • Driver must have to obey all local laws related to the operation of a passenger delivery service and will be responsible for any violations.

  • Driver will not use the application for sending or storing any illegal material or for deceitful intention.

  • Driver will only use the application for his/her own use and preserve his password and user ID by his own only.

  • Driver will provide OBHAI any kind of documents whatever OBHAI authority requires, things can only be considered if any legal or critical issue turns up.

  • If any information provided by the driver is false, incorrect or incomplete in any respect, OBHAI authority has the right to terminate agreement any time with or without any notice.

  • If a driver has been panelized and OBHAI has enough evidence to prove that penalty valid then driver is bound to pay that penalty amount.

  • According to the agreement, driver must pay daily ride commission to OBHAI.