Ride-Sharing: General Best Practices

When it comes to ride-sharing, you hear a lot of opinions drifting around on what to do, what not to do and so forth. However, seldom does anyone talk about what is the best way to use the services and what are the best practices one can adhere to that will make ride-sharing a better experience for all.

This is one issue OBHAI wanted to tackle. The essence of ride-sharing is in the name itself, ‘sharing’. When you share a service or a product, automatically you deal with people you are sharing it with.

This opens many possibilities depending on the person you are. Maybe you are an extrovert who loves to engage in conversation or maybe you are an introvert and would rather keep to yourself. That is the beauty of ride-sharing, everyone can have it their way.

Share your pickup location as accurately as possible

Once your OBHAI rider accept your request, he/she will see your location pointed out on the map. For better understanding, he/she can call you to know any nearby landmark around your location.

Greet the driver with a warm smile; it goes both ways

When your drivers arrive to pick you up, a generous greeting can go a long way and sets the mood for rest of the ride. To be double-sure of that, OBHAI trains the drivers on its platform to be professional in their conduct and always keep the passenger’s best interest in mind.

Make sure your payment method is set to your desired option

To make the ride-sharing experience and payment as seamless as possible, OBHAI has multiple payment methods its customers can use. To avoid any complications or confusion regarding payment, From cash to cards,or exclusivelyObhaiMilesTM, a point-based loyalty program, or even opting to register for a corporate account which has its own perks, you can choose any of your preferred option.

Commute is a daily necessity, and to ensure one makes the best of their time during such, these practices when using OBHAI’s ride-sharing services can indeed bear fruit.