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ObhaiSheba™: A Safe Commute for Patients and Healthcare Professionals during COVID-19 Pandemic

Always thriving in search of silver linings, OBHAI took a step forward and took the initiative in providing its own manpower and means of transportation with aims to help ease the hassle of medical related commutes for the people in Bangladesh.

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OBHAI: The Special Features and Benefits

Ride-sharing has always been a battle of making the experience for the customers as seamless as possible. OBHAI from the time of its inception in 2018, has always been customer-centric by adding numerous customer-focused features like a point-based loyalty program, 24/7 call center and numerous safety features to comply with the government safety regulation of the country.

Ride-Sharing: General Best Practices

When it comes to ride-sharing, you hear a lot of opinions drifting around on what to do, what not to do and so forth. However, seldom does anyone talk about what is the best way to use the services and what are the best practices one can adhere to that will make ride-sharing a better experience for all.

The Future of Ride-Sharing in Bangladesh

The great thing about innovation is it comes in many different forms. It may slow down, yes, but never come to a complete stand still and when it comes to the ride-sharing industry, innovation is the only way forward.

Ride-Sharing: Impact in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has always been an eager nation when it comes to technology adoption. The recent encouragement from the government to a more ‘Digital Bangladesh’ has nothing but facilitated this growth further.

OBHAI’s Contribution Towards Better Ride-Sharing

Ride-sharing has started just about for 4 years in Bangladesh. This new and innovative way of commuting has brought forth many new possibilities and opened many new doors. But with all new things there will be hurdles, pain points and ways to improve.

Ride-Sharing Tips and Tricks

Ride-sharing services have soon become an integral part of our daily lives and commuting. According to an IDLC Monthly Business Review on ride-sharing, 500,000 people had used ride-sharing in 2017 alone.

Ride-Sharing: A Sharing Economy Essential

Technology’s impact in Bangladesh can be felt throughout our daily lives from ordering food online, connecting with the people in our lives and even calling a ride at the push of a button.Ithas augmented some of our most daily and analog tasks and made them a more digital endeavor, especially when it comes to ride-sharing.